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Hong Guangxiang, (1938 - 2014), male, lifetime professor of  Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chief  Physician of TCM and Ph.D. instructor.

Prof. Hong founded the first Chinese Medicine Institute of Respiratory Disease and initiated an education pattern - the combination of production, teaching and research, which set a good example for many other Chinese medicine colleges in underdeveloped areas. He advocated that "colleges should take teaching as priority, then cultivate scholars and self-develop the production at the same time."

Prof. Hong has worked on medicine for 58 years since August 1956, was awarded the title as “Famous Traditional Chinese Medicine Scholar of Jiangxi Province” and enjoyed special subsidy from the State Department. He was also selected as one of instructors for Carrying on the Famous TCM Experts` Academic experience.

He assumed the office as Vice President and Party Secretary of Jiangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (now Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine). He was also selected as the Leader of Respiratory Department by State Administration of TCM, Vice Chairman of the Evaluation Committee of Science and Technology Advancement Award of Jiangxi Province, Director of Chinese Academy of TCM and the First Vice Chairman of  the Department of Pulmonary Disease, Vice President of Jiangxi Chinese Medicine Association, Chairman of the Internal Medicine Academy, and an Evaluation Expert of Science Advancement Award of Chinese Academy of TCM.


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